Before the 2016-17 season, the Timberwolves introduced Club TI (Treasure Island) to fans as part of the Target Center Renovation.

Club TI is a contemporary lounge located on the Executive Level of Target Center designed to make spending time with your top clients, prospects, vendors, executives, family and friends, fun and enjoyable. It is an ideal fit for companies or individuals who appreciate the added value and ease of having all-inclusive benefits and opportunities to network in an intimate environment.

And with that transformation also came a transformation of the food, thanks to Chef David Fhima.

Changing the food offerings is a process that goes in phases that correspond with the renovation. As the suite level has undergone renovations this summer, so has the menu.

“What do we do at Club TI that’s going to tell people that we are very serious, that the food scene matters,” Fhima said. “ . . . Where you come in on any night to Treasure Island and you have a restaurant experience, but it’s an experience that you dictate. It’s not food that is sitting out there and cooking itself, it’s a chef cooking it throughout the evening as is needed. And as it’s prepared, making sure that the quality of the ingredient, making sure that the integrity of the ingredient remains that. So, if you look at the experience of Treasure Island, it’s done with quality in mind, with execution and the chef tasting it and making sure that it’s done right every single game.”

So far, it appears as if Club TI Members are liking the enhanced food options made with clean and fresh ingredients, and the interactive experience with Fhima.

“It’s a big part of the total fan experience,” Antoine Destin said. “(Fhima) was sharing with us his thoughts about bringing good, quality, clean food, and a good variety for each game . . . Chef David has such a strong passion for food and he likes to please people. . . I can tell you the improvement is quite obvious from previous seasons. It’s excellent to know he values our opinions.”