A change that fans at the Target Center has already seen this Timberwolves season is the digital displays in the Target Center, led by (of course) the gigantic scoreboard. But there are plenty of other displays with more coming. Along with the control room and all the new digital displays, it will end up being about a $15 million investment.

“I think everyone that’s been to Target Center this season has seen the dramatic, beautiful displays that we have in the arena here,” Timberwolves Chief Strategy Officer Ted Johnson said. “But we have even more coming. Not only more digital displays, more surfaces that we’re going to use.”

And while the displays have been impressive thus far with graphics and other features, we are just scratching the surface.

“Our designers and engineers are each and every day getting better, more efficient, more creative with the new tools that they have to work with,” Johnson said. “And so, each and every game you’re seeing little glimpses of new things that we are trying out and experimenting with. All in all, it’s making a much better experience for our fans.”